Cosmetic products are not only intended to care for the body's appearance and have a beautifying effect, but also to enhance our attitude to life and possibly also express social prestige. Adorning and caring for the body is as old as mankind itself. The type and extent of cosmetics depends on the respective cultural understanding of the social group using them. Cosmetics can be divided into care cosmetics and decorative cosmetics; care cosmetics as body hygiene are part of health care, while decorative cosmetics in the sense of adornment take up prevailing fashion trends.

Skin care products used in skin care cosmetics cleanse, stabilize and protect the skin, hair and nails; some also deodorize or perfume. Certain methods and exercises also have a cosmetic effect; one of the best known is probably taking a sauna. The boundaries between hygienic measures, cosmetic treatments and wellness applications are blurred, while certain procedures are reserved for doctors alone.

Many cosmetic products aim and have aimed to make ageing and the limitations of the body less visible, to convey a positive attitude to life. In our laboratory, we develop 600 blends every year, of which around 200 reach the market. Over the years, we have accumulated around 15,000 preparative, olfactory and biocidal formulations in our system.

Of course, the main requirement for us is to develop facial cosmetics. Face cream, face serum, day cream, night cream, anti-aging, lifting, moisturizing cream, etc. combined with the latest innovative cosmetic raw materials from the international raw materials markets determine the daily routine in the laboratory.

But I can smell you well' is the basis for the perfume market. As a perfume manufacturer and perfume bottler, we develop and manufacture products in 7-digit annual quantities.

We develop, produce and fill BIOZIDEs - and here in particular disinfectants - and not just since Corona, but as part of a delivery program for cosmetic and foot care studios.

We supply the foot care market with both caring and helping products. Our innovative product ideas have made us a partner to the world of foot care brands.  

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