Full service services


Full service services

COSMETIC SERVICE offers 360-degree service through the lens of your product according to your needs.

Product management, research & development, regulatory affairs, documentation, purchasing for raw materials and packaging materials, production, filling, packaging, logistics, quality management and assurance and marketing support are all united under one roof. You only need one of these? Then order the service of your choice, or take advantage of the full service.

The 'toolbox' can be used individually by arrangement.


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Product management

In product management, our experienced employees are available to you with advice and support from the briefing idea to the analysis, conception and implementation of your product. Our team will guide you through the process and provide internal access to the various service departments within the company. Our product management team coordinates and monitors your product throughout its entire life cycle, from conception and product development to market launch. The aim is to offer beneficial solutions to satisfy customer needs.

The tasks of product management are the product concept and product optimization. The products manufactured in production are first examined for strengths and weaknesses as part of the product analysis. This is followed by a conception phase, which is particularly necessary for new products. Finally, the task consists of optimization, i.e. the customization of products. In this way, product management makes a decisive contribution to the product quality and customer satisfaction of your product.

Product management also continuously gathers information on competitor products and ensures that product innovations are implemented.

Product Management has access to the Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Packaging and Raw Materials Purchasing, Quality Management and Production departments. Employees from the departments are involved in (team) meetings as required and questions are answered directly and without loss of communication. We work according to the Scrum system.

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