Packaging material


Packaging material

As a cosmetics contract manufacturer, it is immensely important to us that your cosmetic product is also presented in the right or sustainable packaging. We find innovative packaging and packaging materials. Not only for FMCG cosmetics, but also sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging materials can be searched for through us. Through an extensive network of over 120 partner companies, we will find the right cosmetic packaging for you. Here we meet your requirements such as sustainability, environmental awareness, recyclable materials, biodegradable and Ökotest conformity.


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What are sustainable packaging materials?
Packaging is sustainable for consumers above all if it is biodegradable and made of recycled or recyclable materials. When asked about the most sustainable packaging materials, paper/cardboard (70 percent) and glass (62 percent) stand out in particular.


What is biodegradable packaging?
Biodegradable packaging is made from renewable raw materials, while plastics are made from fossil raw materials. In addition, biopolymers are synthesized in a comparatively efficient process that requires significantly less energy than the production of plastic polymers.


Which packaging is compostable?
Compostable packaging is usually made of PLA (also known as polylactic acid) and is a special case of biodegradable packaging. The reason for this is that a specific time is specified in which period of time biological decomposition must take place under defined conditions.


What is refill packaging?
Refills are practical inserts that do not require additional packaging and refill lipsticks, powder boxes, pallets or jars quickly and easily.


What are bioplastics
There are bioplastics made from renewable raw materials, such as corn, sugar cane or cellulose. These raw materials do not have to come from organic farming (but they can). It is therefore possible that bioplastics consist of genetically modified maize.

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