Recipes & modifications


Recipes & modifications

The core of every cosmetic product is the ingredients of the formula. An innovative idea, coupled with the requirements of the time – vegan, microplastic-free, allergen-free, StiWa-u. Ökotest-compliant, etc. – but still highly effective are the guarantee for acceptance by the end consumer. Since 1976, COSMETIC SERVICE has been developing more than 250 formulations every year in its own laboratory, from studio high-end cosmetics to discount-oriented formulations, and can retrospectively look back on an inventory of 14,000 formulations.

Do you have an existing recipe and would like to have it updated? No problem! Ask for our offer to modify your existing recipe.


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No successful cosmetic has an inferior formula in relation to the price.

COSMETIC SERVICE develops formulations for high-quality and discount-oriented products. With 3,500 active customer formulations on the market, we have proven our capabilities.

First there is the briefing, in which we thoroughly discuss the requirements and possibilities with you. Marketing claims are becoming increasingly important here in order to quickly make it clear to the consumer what service he can expect.  With the latest knowledge from trade fair visits, supplier discussions, literature and network, combined with knowledge from existing recipes, we translate your wishes into your unique product.  We are also happy to advise on approval and filing in the EU, China, rest of Asia, USA, Russia and other regions. Please read more about this under the menu item ADMISSIONS.

The quality of related raw materials is our top priority. We source our raw materials from all over the world, 90% of which are supplied by qualified, audited and established raw material suppliers from German-speaking Europe.  Delivery capability, price stability and reproducible products have proven us to be a reliable partner even in the times of crisis around 2020.

The selection of raw materials and active ingredients are the basis for the promise of effectiveness and the shelf life of a product. As a long-standing partner of raw material suppliers, we are often the preferred spearhead of innovation. Our customers use us as trendsetters and drivers in the market.

Existing products are checked in the recipe modification for outlawed (e.g. parabens) and/or raw materials that are at risk of being banned.

Formulations that are under our control are continuously checked for future hazards due to changes in the law.

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