Body care


Body care

Personal hygiene has been practiced since time immemorial. Ancient Rome had a highly developed bathing culture. The Romans mainly cleaned their skin with perfumed oils and a scraper, the so-called strigilis. However, cleansing the skin with early forms of soap was already known in other cultures at the time. Soap in its current form probably originated in the 7th century.


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As a contract manufacturer for cosmetics, we offer body lotion, body milk, body butter, shea butter, wellness products, massage oil, peelings, scrubs, anti-cellulite products, shower gels and much more.

We also manufacture microplastic-free cosmetics, paraben-free cosmetics, fragrance-free cosmetics, we manufacture with raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (KBA), vegan cosmetics, innovative cosmetics, ecotest-compliant cosmetics, StiWa-compliant cosmetics.

We use the latest and most innovative raw materials, but also tried and tested ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Q10, retinol, raw materials for microbiome care, aloe vera, shea butter, collagen, glow, . . ask us, we have over 1,250 raw materials in stock.

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