Room fragrances


Room fragrances

Whether it's a freshly mown meadow or the smell of roasted almonds - scents can awaken memories and feelings in us.

Room fragrances have been gaining in importance for several years - a trend that has intensified during the coronavirus pandemic. Fragrances arouse emotions - depending on the scent, fragrances can influence our mood and create a sense of well-being, security, freshness or concentration.


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Room fragrances can also serve as air fresheners and thus ensure a better sense of well-being. They neutralize unpleasant odours from pets, unpleasant food smells, residues of cold tobacco smoke or unpleasant odours in the bathroom.

COSMETIC SERVICE develops room fragrance concepts for its own brands. We accompany each of our products from the idea to production. Be inspired by our ideas and discover our room fragrances such as orange or lavender, which are reminiscent of a vacation in the south, or orange-cinnamon room fragrance for the Christmas season. A bergamot room fragrance, for example, can have a mood-lifting effect, while a vanilla room fragrance is said to awaken feelings of happiness. Lemon, lemongrass, myrtle and thyme are particularly suitable as air freshener room fragrances.

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