Baby and pregnancy care


Baby and pregnancy care

Babies' skin is initially much more sensitive than adult skin. The acid mantle is not yet fully formed, the layer is still very thin and the sebaceous glands produce less fat. Therefore, special know-how in development is required here. Parents pay more attention to ingredients such as natural cosmetics when they buy baby care products.


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Especially if it is particularly cold and windy outside or the baby's skin feels really dry, you should use a high-quality care cream for baby's face. Regular and appropriate cleaning and care also helps to reduce or prevent skin diseases in infants. And a massage with a high-quality oil contributes greatly to the well-being of babies.

We develop products such as baby bath, baby oil bath, baby wash gels, baby shampoo, wet wipes, wound protection cream, tummy cream, care oils and massage oils - also in natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics.

For the care of the heavily stressed skin during pregnancy, we support with stretch mark massage oils, so-called mommy oils and belly creams with connective tissue-supporting ingredients.

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