The removal of body hair and rubbing with perfumed oils was already practised in ancient Egypt and a styptic pencil was used for deodorization. Perfume oils were also used in ancient times to mask body odor.


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First and foremost, a deodorant should prevent body odor, mainly in the armpits. Sweat and the warm and humid climate in the armpits create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria - and these form the unwanted odor.

COSMETIC SERVICE develops deodorants and antiperspirants depending on the desired effectiveness, ingredients and application forms.

Whether deodorant roll-on, deodorant pump sprays, deodorant cream (in a tube or can), with or without alcohol, in organic or natural cosmetics quality or conventionally as an antiperspirant - it is up to the personal taste and marketing of our customers which of the dosage forms or formulations is used.

COSMETIK SERVICE has strong expertise in the development and production of hot-fill deodorant sticks. As a strong "for men" antiperspirant or as a gentle natural cosmetic deodorant stick in environmentally friendly recycled packaging, we offer deodorant sticks in many variants.

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