Solutions from a single source! As a full-service cosmetic service provider with maximum flexibility in product, packaging, time and quality, we take care of the realisation of your products in filling and packaging. If you do not have production, we are your 'workbench ́, in the case of 'overfill ́ we take the peak loads, in the case of 'undersupply ́ we relieve the burden on your small orders. Whatever packaging material is desired, our own tool shop creates a variety of possibilities. Our machinery consists of aggregates that are individually formed according to your wishes and needs. Our staff of permanent staff and project staff ensures short-term delivery dates.  This allows us to offer you the greatest possible individuality and flexibility in the implementation of your products.


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The cosmetics market has produced many product variants in recent years. In the past we had a day cream and a night cream, today both products are available in the variants with Q10, retinol, rich, as a lotion, in natural cosmetics, vegan, for men, for women, for mature and for young and much more.

This trend has been followed by many other product groups.

Following this development of product diversification, COSMETIC SERVICE, as a contract manufacturer and contract filler, has developed a system of filling lines made of aggregates. The filling lines consisting of filling systems, cappers, lid feeders, dispenser feeders, bouncer devices, round labellers, lid labellers, double labellers, underbody labellers, injectors, chucklers, celluphaners, shrinkers, tube fillers, perfume bottlers are assembled flexibly and individually. Our machine setters have their own locksmith's shop and manufacture individual tools in-house for your unique product.  This makes it possible for us to manufacture your products from a batch size of 10,000 pieces.

We fill jars, bottles, ampoules, dispensers (glass & plastic), tubes, pump sprays, canisters, bottles, airless dispensers, droppers, (deodorant) sticks, triggers, hobbocks, barrels.

In 2019, an ampoule filling system was purchased. In 2020, the 2 tube filler followed.

We have paid special attention to perfume production and perfume bottling. In recent years, the competence in this product, which consists of many components, has been perfected.

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