Foot care


Foot care

The history of pedicures and cosmetic foot care began in ancient Egypt in the 16th century BC. In the Papyrus Ebers (named after the purchaser at the time, Georg Ebers), a "medical papyrus", there are already references to pedicure or the care of ailments on the feet.


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COSMETIC SERVICE has its roots in supplying institutional cosmetics brands. Since the beginning, we have been developing formulas, contract manufacturing and contract filling for cosmetic foot care. These products are also available as natural cosmetics, microplastic-free cosmetics, paraben-free cosmetics, fragrance-free cosmetics, we manufacture with raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (KBA), vegan cosmetics, innovative cosmetics, ecotest-compliant cosmetics, StiWa-compliant cosmetics.

Horn cream, callus ointment, callus stick, nail care, skin protection oil, foot balm, foot deodorant, foot powder lotion, foot bath, foot fluid, corn care, wart care, nail softener, foot powder, balm gel, blister stick, diabetic care, etc. ....

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