Children products


Children products

Children's skin is initially much more sensitive than adult skin. The protective acid mantle is not yet fully developed, the horny layer is still very thin and the sebaceous glands produce less oil. This is why special know-how is required in children's skin care development. Children's care is a matter of trust - we also develop products in natural cosmetics quality.


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Children have a need for their own products from a very early age. With children's baths, children's shower gels and children's care products, bathing, showering and grooming are fun and can be done without much persuasion.

Bubble baths with child-friendly fragrances, also in natural cosmetic quality, shower gels with fun colors and glitter, colorful paint soap for bathing and playing, delicious lip gloss with fruity aromas, magic spray (body spray, children's perfume without alcohol) - children's care products from COSMETIC SERVICE are fun and, thanks to valuable natural cosmetic ingredients, are gentle on the skin and nourishing.

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